Thursday, October 31, 2013

Reality Check

Isaiah 33:6 (NLT) In that day He will be your sure foundation, providing a rich store of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge.  The fear of the Lord will be your treasure.

Bible study author, Priscilla Shirer, recommends this exercise as part of Discerning the Voice of God:  Rank the following activities from 1 to 8 with 1 being the activity to which you devote the most time and 8 being the activity on which you spend the least time.  Order the list before you continue reading.
  • Watching television
  • Reading novels
  • Reading Scripture
  • Reading magazines
  • Surfing the internet
  • Working / Parenting
  • Talking on the telephone
  • Pursuing other hobbies

What does your ranking reveal about your priorities?

If God’s Word ranks low on your list, how can He speak to you through Scripture?  Our goal should be to saturate ourselves in His Word.  The more Scripture you have hidden in your heart, the more likely He will be to bring it to mind and use it to direct you. 


Does saturating yourself sound really overwhelming and tedious?  Start small.  You’re already reading Scripture in this devotion!

Each week select one or two that are meaningful to you.  Post them in a place you visit frequently (car dashboard, bathroom mirror, kitchen sink).  Every time you pass by, read and think about what the Scripture means and how it could apply to your life.  Later, you may not remember the verse word for word, but the meaning will have shaped your conscience.

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