Friday, November 8, 2013

God Loves the Impossible!

Luke 1:37
For nothing is impossible with God.

God loves the impossible.  That’s when He shines.  When God brings us through an impossible situation, we have no choice but to acknowledge Him.  It is often the turning point in one’s faith.

In early September, I wrote that I felt called to an impossible Fall schedule.  I felt guided to each study group and activity set before me, but I knew I could potentially lose my mind as it played out.  Fall is always a busy time for me, but I was completely overbooked leading three Bible studies plus confirmation, attending the writer’s retreat as well as two fun weekends with my sister, organizing a group for the Women of Faith conference, not to mention taking care of my family and school fundraising.  Where would I find time to prepare for classes?  Would I be able to prioritize my devotion time?  Would I freak out under the pressure?  In September, it looked crazy and indeed it was!  My mantra was ‘Trust God.  He has led you to this place.’

I could be speaking too soon since Thanksgiving and Christmas are ahead, but God has definitely worked the impossible.  Everything has fallen into place, dare I say, supernaturally.  Moreover, conversations have been richer than I could have anticipated.   You may think it’s because I’m such an awesomely organized superwoman, but my friends and family know I totally fly by the seat of my pants.  It was ALL God.  The unmistakable proof is that God has given me remarkable energy and excitement!  I’ve been pumped (and even nice) - filled with the Holy Spirit as I watch Him work things out.  What a thrill!  Praise God!

I don’t wish a tragic situation on you, but I do hope God brings you to a task that’s humanly impossible.  Through your inability, His Glory is unmistakable.

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