Saturday, May 10, 2014

Are You Listening?

Isaiah 50:4 (NIV) – He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being instructed.

Are you listening?  God has an incredible way of sending messages our way, if only we’re listening.  I cannot recount all the ways God has spoken to me through friends, strangers, chance encounters, online devotions, Scripture, sermons, dreams, Facebook posts, songs, television news, and the list goes on.  God uses any and every means available to guide our path.  He’s pretty tech savvy.  But we have to be listening.

With my students, I liken the ability to listen with scanning for a radio station.  God’s messages are always out there like different radio frequencies.  It’s our job to learn to tune in to the right station.  Likewise, as we travel through life, the reception can get fuzzy and need adjusting.  I am most synchronized when I’m regular about reading Scripture and devotions.  When God is in my thoughts and part of my day, I am most receptive to His guidance.  Your way of being in sync with God may be different.

Isaiah says part of tuning in is to listen like one being instructed – to remain teachable – to have a receptive attitude.  You have to turn the radio on and be willing to change stations.  I’m a list maker and I love a day planner (now my iPad calendar).  Yet however well planned my day is, I must acknowledge that I don’t really know what’s best or most important.  I am not in control.  I don’t know everything.  I must be willing to listen and learn (and respond).

I am reminded of this because of your feedback.  Since my slump season when I was definitely out of tune, God has used this blog to speak personally to certain readers.  I am honored and humbled to be His instrument.  I try, every day, as I sit before this keyboard to hear His message for you.  I try, but there are absolutely dry spells.  Most often it is because I have fallen out of the habit of spending time in His Word.

Are you listening?  What is your method of staying in tune with His voice?

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