Monday, June 9, 2014

In Plain Sight

 Isaiah 6:3 (NIV) –  Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty;  the whole earth is full of His glory.

In my last post I wrote about hiding things that are good for us inside something more desirable.  Today I write about glimpses of God that are in plain view, yet we overlook them.

Take God’s creation.  It’s marvelous.  Awesome.  Spectacular.  The weekend was gorgeous and well appreciated after our long New England winter.  But while we soak up the sun, do we realize that God reveals Himself to us through nature?  God’s character is displayed in His creation.

Who is this God who designed a perennial plant to sprout every spring, flourish then die back and rest through the winter?  What kind of God provides such variation in color and design?  When an ant carries away a dead insect, is there a message about community and usefulness?  Even the puffs of yellow pollen clouds that scratch our eyes and irritate our sinuses will ingeniously be carried by the wind to create pine seeds in the fall.  Who would think of that?  What do you learn about God from the design of the universe – every intricate and enormous detail?

Let yourself wonder.  Lie on your back in the grass and listen to the conversation of the birds and crickets, taste the fresh berry, feel the cool breeze, and wonder.  Discover the God who reveals Himself in plain sight.

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  1. I do think His creation speaks forth His glory. I've heard of some people when they come to know Christ as Savior that they SEE things differently. There is a fresh beauty, a wonder and a welling up within at things they didn't notice before. When the veil is removed--so much becomes clearer to us :)