Thursday, June 19, 2014


I would like to share this beautiful post by one of my favorite author/bloggers, Holley Gerth:  

A Way We Can Make Each Other Feel Safe
Holley, 2014-06-18 10:30

Commitment of Words
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I sit at a Junior High lunch table feeling self-conscious about my braces and wondering if I will ever have a boyfriend. My thoughts are interrupted by a group of girls behind me. “Oh, she wants to be cool but she’s not,” says one. The others laugh and add similar remarks. My back stiffens and I stare ahead, sure they’re talking about me.
But then someone says, “Shh, here she comes.” A girl slides into a seat next to the rest of the group and they welcome her like they’re all BFFs. She has no idea she’s just been the topic of conversation. Or does she? Somewhere deep inside her doesn’t she realize that if her group talks about everyone else then of course at some point it’s going to be her turn too?
The only way to make our sisters feel truly, deeply, heart safe is to never talk critically about anyone. No gossip. No condemnation. No judgment. Not even disguised as a prayer request. Is this hard? Oh, honey. But it’s one of the greatest gifts we can offer to each other.

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