Thursday, July 24, 2014


Nehemiah 9:17 (NLT) – But you are a forgiving God, gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love.

I love dogs and although I don’t own one, I have many doggie friends all over town.  Dogs love me because I give them a good scratch and often release fistfuls of fur.  I joke that I’ll be repaid in heaven for all this massaging and scratching.  Wouldn’t that be heaven!  Sammy, a canine friend who recently died, would let me brush and brush her, pawing my hand if I dared stop.

No dogs, but I have three kitties.  This summer in particular, they’ve been shedding like crazy.  The two who shed the most have discovered that they enjoy being brushed and beg me not to stop.  No matter how often or how long I brush them, the hair is endless - great balls of fluffy fur!  (You can thank me later.  I decided a photo of fur balls was too gross.)

Today’s scripture tells us God’s love is abounding too.  The word is also translated rich, exceedingly, full, great, much, abundant, and plenteous.  Remember when you’d stretch your arms wide and say “I love you this much”?  God’s arm span is infinite.  The love He lavishes on us never stops.  I also believe that the more we get, the more we discover we enjoy it.  Being loved by God feels good!  And God does not mind one bit when we ask for more.

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  1. My dog would adore you. She loves to be scratched and brushed. And her shedding hair is as endless as God's love. Nice post. Thank you.


    1. We can find reminders of God's character EVERYWHERE - even in dog hair! I haven't quite figured out mosquitoes yet... My goal is to encourage people to read God's Word regularly with a gentle reminder and quick devotion. Thanks for reading and commenting. I'm sorry I haven't responded sooner. I'm trying to keep up with the UBC.