Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Bunny Friend

Matthew 10:16 (NIV) – I am sending you out like sheep among wolves.  Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.

I have a furry friend.  As I sat on the curb pulling weeds this spring, a baby bunny would hang out under the cover of a nearby plant.  He was curious and showed little fear as he came away from the stone wall and we looked into each others’ eyes.  I never tried to touch him, but I would sweet talk him like I do my doggie friends.  Whenever I tended that street side garden, he would nibble nearby.

I was afraid for him.

Perhaps it was the infrequency of my garden visits, but I didn’t see him for awhile.  I worried he’d been injured on my busy street, but there was no evidence of that.  I worried that a fox had fed her young.  I convinced myself that he could no longer squeeze through the stone wall to visit me.  Indeed, I have seen him hopping about in my yard on a few different occasions.

Jumping for joy.

As I tended an area closer to my house yesterday, I was startled as my furry friend skipped out from under a bush and did what I’d call a hop, skip and a jump.  He greeted me with several gleeful full twists - like a kitten chasing its tail.  I can’t describe the delight that filled my heart.

But I was afraid for him.

I have an outdoor cat.  While I am a friendly sweet talker, my cat is not.  She’s old and deaf but still dangerous.  This innocent little bunny must be careful.  The closer to the house he gets, the higher the risk.

Where is this message headed?  Back to God, of course.  We are surrounded by the dangers of this world.  The closer we get to God, the harder Satan works to prevent it.  We may face temptation or doubt God’s goodness.  We may be too distracted to hear His voice or too busy to follow.  Draw close to the Father with pure delight, but be careful dear friend.

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  1. Love your kindness, Cathy and your love of Life.

    I found your quote from Mathew quite interesting. Basically, when one's life is in danger, s/he should be as smart as s/he can and do whatever it takes to survive (shrewd as a snake) while trying to maintain his/her humanity.

    Hmmm ...
    Thanks for challenging my thoughts. HUGS <3

  2. I love hearing stories of our unexpected friends in the garden. My father-in-law has many wild bunnies in his yard. He makes sure that there are plenty of carrots set out each day. They are fascinating to watch.