Friday, October 10, 2014

More than a Fan

James 1:22 (NLT) But don’t just listen to God’s word.  You must do what it says.  Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.

I caused a ruckus with my post Not a Fan.  It’s challenging to develop a complete thought in my intentionally brief devotions and clearly I did a poor job. 

I used the example of Levi leaving everything to follow Jesus.  Without further background on Levi, it appeared as though I was asking all of you to leave your homes, jobs and families and become missionaries.  While some are called to physically move, not all of us need to drop everything.  Levi, who was a thug, cheat, and thieving tax collector, was definitely called to a completely new life.  As such, Jesus changed his name from Levi to Matthew.

In my football example, a fan turns the TV off when the game is over.  A disciple talks the talk around the water cooler, retells key plays, marvels at outstanding accomplishments, reads about players and memorizes statistics, and enthusiastically shares opinions.  Someone whose life pulses with football (or Jesus) is more than a fan.

Your call might not be as drastic, unless you work for the mob, but it still might be a significant change.  A disciple doesn’t just hear a sermon, but enthusiastically applies the message to every part of life.  Only you will know how God calls you to follow Him.

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