Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Out in the Boonies

Deuteronomy 32:12 (NLT) The Lord alone guided them; they followed no foreign gods.

How would you handle 4 days with no cell service and no internet?

I had planned to spruce up my blog while in the hills of New Hampshire at the New England Christian Writers’ Retreat.  Then BAM!  My goal for those 4 undistracted days was blown away as soon as I hit ‘connect’.  I was totally bummed.  I began thinking I was wasting my time and wished I hadn’t come.  For one whole day I moped, feeling scattered, unfocused, and even a little angry.  I wanted to talk to a friend, but couldn’t.  I felt alone in the wilderness.  Mind you, I was retreating with 59 other writers…

Tomorrow is a new day, right?  I went to bed praying for a fresh Day 2 attitude…

In the morning, I sat looking at a computer screen that couldn’t provide my daily scripture, my favorite devotional blogs or my searchable Bible.  I could access none of it.  I felt lost.  I picked up my well-worn, hardcover Bible but didn’t know where to begin.  Can you believe that?  I have been spoon fed long enough to feel abandoned without the internet.

I drew in a breath, opened Microsoft Word, and began typing, wondering when I had last written a journal entry.  I realized I’ve been leaning more on the good and encouraging words that arrive via email than on God himself.  How often do I turn away from the screen and simply focus on Him?

My morning habit is good, but even something good can become an idol.  (Click to tweet)

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