Saturday, November 22, 2014

Truly Grateful

Jeremiah 31:13-15 (NLT) The young women will dance for joy, and the men – old and young – will join in the celebration.  I will turn their mourning into joy.  I will comfort them and exchange their sorrow for rejoicing.  The priests will enjoy abundance, and my people will feast on my good gifts.  I, the Lord, have spoken!

Let’s dig deeper…

There’s a run on gratitude these days.  I didn’t participate in a 40 day Facebook challenge, but reading them got me thinking.  I’m thankful for the day to day necessities and conveniences, family, health, community, and financial stability.  I’m thankful to have been born in this country and for the amazing beauty of nature.  I am richly blessed and I thank God.

It’s a standard list.  I can tell it’s become trite because I tick it off mentally.  None of it causes my heart to pour out praise to God.  What am I truly thankful for?  What brings a tear to my eye and causes my heart to swell with deep gratitude?

Let’s dig deeper this Thanksgiving.  My eyes well up with tears remembering the hugs I desperately needed and received.  Perhaps you have this visceral response for your health or family because you’ve had a scare or you have a new baby.  What are you truly thankful for? 

What brings tears of gratitude to your eyes this Thanksgiving? (tweet this)

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