Sunday, November 16, 2014

Yes Sir!

Psalm 119:143 (NLT) As pressure and stress bear down on me, I find joy in your commands.

Find joy in commands? 

I’ve been turning this verse over in my mind all day.  So short.  So simple.  So hard to understand. 

I don’t like commands.  I prefer guidance or advice.  I want the freedom to choose.  Commands demand a ‘yes, sir’, no questions asked.  How could I find joy in commands?

Because they’re not just any commands.  They’re God’s commands.

The psalmist declares His commands are wonderful (v129), perfect and completely trustworthy (v138), and thoroughly tested (v140).  He finds joy because applying God’s commands to stressful choices clarifies the decision and results in God’s intended outcome.  Living according to God’s commands yields the fullest possible life.

Verse 144 says “help me to understand them so I may live.” (emphasis mine)  The psalmist wants to know the purpose behind God’s instruction.  He wants to see the world through God’s eyes in order to effectively apply His thinking to real life situations.  Understanding God’s intentions takes more than reading or even memorizing scripture.  It takes knowing God intimately and understanding His nature. 

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