Saturday, December 13, 2014

Unwrap Your Gift!

Romans 6:23 (MSG) God’s gift is real life, eternal life, delivered by Jesus, our Master.

You’ve just won a million dollars!  Too good to be true?

One of my favorite bloggers, Ken Weliever (, retells a true story from several years ago of the winner of H&R Block’s “Million Dollar Giveaway”.  A random drawing was made from among 17 million people who used the company’s services.  Glen and Gloria Sims won the prize, but refused it.

When Glen received a call announcing he’d won a million dollars, he hung up the phone.  When paperwork arrived by mail on company letterhead, he ignored it as a scam.  The Sims even ignored a phone message from an H&R company official.  It was too good to be true.

Only when H&R Block announced on the Today Show a deadline to claim the prize before another winner would be named did the Sims believe their good fortune.  “Things like this just don’t happen to people like us,” Glen said, very appreciative of H&R Block’s persistence.

Have you claimed your gift?  Or have you left it unopened?

God persistently extends His gift of grace to you.  Yes, it’s amazing that God offers to wipe away every single one of your sins so you can be eternally in His presence!  Yes, it’s hard to believe the gift is conditional only on our acceptance of His grace and forgiveness!

How do you unwrap this wonderful gift?

First, don’t hang up!  Realize you need it.  We are all sinners who need God’s grace.  But many can’t admit it.  Second, respond to God’s call, repent, and enter your new life with God.  Cooperate with Him as He helps you turn from bad habits and fills you with an attitude aligned with His Spirit. 

Tell someone!  A supportive Christian community is essential for learning and growing in this new life.  Don’t give up or lose hope, but continue to focus on Jesus’ promise to reign with justice and truth.

Don’t leave God’s wonderful gift sitting under the tree!  Unwrap it now! (tweet this)

Check out Countdown to Cambodia posts #1 and #2 regarding my upcoming mission trip.  You can help the efforts to prevent sex trafficking and care for girls who escape.  Post #3 outlines items you can donate by Dec 20th.  Contact me for more information.  Thank you to all who have left items at my door!

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