Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cambodia - God Is In Control

Psalm 107 (paraphrased) God delivers people out of every situation even if they created their own trouble.

I almost missed my flight to Cambodia.

I just plain messed up and waited at Gate 9 instead of Gate 6.  It didn't help that the flight crew for Gate 9 arrived late, delaying the flight by 45 minutes.  When the scan of my boarding pass sounded the alarm "She's on the wrong flight!", my mistake was uncovered.  I scurried to Gate 6, not so far away, but my alas my flight was gone.  My heart was pounding.  My mind was racing.  Time to panic?

Maybe, but the gate attendant was very reassuring that another flight to JFK was leaving in 20 minutes with plenty of seats.  My connection to Hong Kong was really in danger when the second flight was also delayed 45 minutes.  I knew I needed scripture.  I just knew.

And of course God came through.  I opened a devotional I've been looking forward to reading.  After breathing deeply and praying a prayer a little deeper than "Please God help me make my connection",  I sat at the gate reading Running From a Crazy Man by Lori Roelveld.  It immediately brought me peace and of course gave me the paraphrase of today's Psalm.  No coincidence.  No, definitely a God-incidence because I had definitely caused my own trouble.

I ran a mile to catch the airbus to the international terminal, ran another mile to the Cathay Pacific desk, and arrived just as they had shut down the computers to celebrate the New Year.  The flight to Hong Kong was already boarding, but I made it!

I praise God that my bags had been checked all the way through to Cambodia.  I praise God for the Jet Blue staff who moved my seat to the front row and prepared me to navigate the JFK airport terminals and airbus on the run.  I praise God that the Cathay Pacific staff was still at the desk instead of celebrating down at the gate.  It was all in His hands.

Turn to God when you hit trouble.  He is in control even when we mess up.  Trust Him, not yourself.

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  1. So glad you made it Cathy! My heart pounded through every word. How I know that fear! many of us can relate. Looking forward to reading all of your other experiences. I'm sure you have many stories to write about!