Wednesday, January 28, 2015

No Time to Pray

1 Thessalonians 5:17 (NLT) Never stop praying.

I am often moved by posts by Neil Vermillion ( and am passing along today's post "I don't have enough time to pray"  I, too, hear this excuse often and share his thoughts:

I don't have enough time to pray.....

I hear this quite frequently, but this really isn't true. The main reason we believe we don't have enough time to pray regularly is because in the back of our minds we unconsciously hold a belief that prayers must be long for them to be effective.

But this is not true.

Short prayers can be just as powerful, just as effective as long prayers.

Even one-word prayers can be powerful.




These are all examples of one-word prayers that can be effective when prayed with a sincere heart.

Of course you're not limited to only using one-word prayers, but it drives a point. Short prayers work!

So if you have enough time for social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube - heck if you even have enough time to read this email - you've got enough time to pray.

Several short but sincere prayers throughout the day will do wonders for your heart connection with God if you'll just do them. And you know you have the time because these prayers do not have to be long.

You can also pray while doing other tasks such as waiting in line, or walking to the bathroom, or driving your car. While you may not have 100% attention available to listen deeply in these situations, these times can still affect your heart in profound ways, especially if you do them consistently over the course of time.

You'll be practicing praying while working, while you're busy, and this is a terrific habit to be in, and a wonderful way to live your life day by day.

So now I've hopefully destroyed any time excuses you might have been holding on to in the back of your head as to why you "don't have enough time to pray."

Yes, you most certainly do!

If you've got enough time for Twitter, you've got enough time to pray. Click here to tweet this.

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