Monday, February 2, 2015

Do Something

Today, I conclude my Cambodia trip posts with this challenge:  Do Something.  There are many options.  Choose one way to make a difference.

Be intentional in praying for 1) the mostly poor, vulnerable girls, 2) those entrapped and on display for customers and 3) the brave, yet traumatized, survivors. 

Pray God’s strength and presence for the missionaries who persist in spreading God’s love in spite of government and cultural obstacles.

Pray that the men who buy sex would see the human side of the female object they’re abusing.

Let the girls, the missionaries and the men know you are praying for them via social media or personal correspondence.  The missionaries appreciate knowing that you are praying for them and that they’re not alone in this fight.  Your encouragement is powerful.

Sponsor a village cooperative of women trying to improve their economic situation in order to keep their families together through World Hope International’s Adelphe program.  $36/month provides skills, money management and business training as well as promoting positive community relationships.

Help fund a water pump serving 5 families (approx. 50 individuals) in a poor rural Cambodian village.  Your one time gift toward our $1400 goal provides the life changing gift of clean water and also serves as a goodwill relationship building tool for Adelphe’s cooperatives. (Be sure to write Adelphe Water Pump in the comment section of your donation)

Sponsor a child anywhere in the world through the organization of your choice.


Support the work of Sherry and Debbie of WL, Cambodia, caring for survivors and at-risk women through a holistic approach that provides ministry to their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being as well as educational/vocation tools they will need to move to a fulfilled and productive life.  Regularly scheduled or one time donations are greatly appreciated.  Email me for the mailing address.

Begin at home by talking to your family about pornography.  Every pornographic image has at least one victim with the potential for many more.  One psychotherapist reports that pornography is a factor in every sex abuse case.  Ted Bundy, in his final interview, admits that hard-core pornography fueled his crimes.  Pornography distorts sexual intimacy and removes the emotional connection God intended.

Learn about the signs of abuse and tell your children, family and friends about how entrapment occurs.  Yes, it could happen to you or in your town.  Parents of abused children share what they wished they had known in this article.

Repost articles that touch your heart on social media.  Don’t just ‘Like’ them. Be brave and post or comment.  Many people don’t realize trafficking occurs right under our noses in the United States, not just in other countries.  American teenagers who attend school and sleep in their own beds at night are ‘working’ a few hours every afternoon.

Promote dignity and respect for each of God’s children.  The most vulnerable to be trafficked are the poor, outcast, bullied, loner, homeless and/or substance dependant.

Donna and I returned to the US with bags, cards, and bracelets made by the girls we spent time with.  Purchasing these products directly impacts these programs.  Their faces lit up to think that the things they had made were traveling by airplane to the States.  Attend our evening of story-telling on Feb 11th (contact me for details

Many online sites and small shops sell products made by survivors and at-risk women.  Purchasing fair trade products prevents both sex and human trafficking.

Do something.  If this issue doesn’t move your heart, find a cause that touches you and do something.  The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing….

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