Friday, April 3, 2015

Run and Hide!

Peter declared, “Even if everyone else deserts you, I will never desert you.” Matthew 26:33

The Maundy Thursday service is my favorite.

Not Christmas Eve.  Not Easter.  Maundy Thursday.

I hesitate to say ‘favorite’ for such a sad service and sometimes use ‘most meaningful’.  It is, by far, the most moving service of the year for me.

I’d never experienced a Tenebrae service until joining my current church.  After receiving the Bread and Wine, we read the Scriptural account of the Last Supper, the foot washing, Jesus’ prayer and Judas’ betrayal in Gethsemane, and Jesus’ arrest.  Visually, Jesus and the disciples recline around the Passover table.  One by one, they extinguish their light and desert Him, leaving Jesus alone in the darkness.

I am a disciple at that Passover meal.  I’m troubled when Jesus predicts His death.  I’m uncomfortable as the Son of God cleans my feet. With Peter, I strongly proclaim that I would never desert Him.  Yet, I run and hide as soon as Judas approaches with soldiers and it looks like trouble.

I, too, have deserted Jesus when taking a stand was required. While I like to think my faith is stronger now, if faced with confrontation, I’d probably still run and hide.

With practice and God’s strength, I’ve learned to stand up in small ways: by saying I attend Bible study instead of ‘book group’; by using God’s name in conversation (not as in OMG); by trying to love and forgive like Jesus; by sharing stories of God’s blessings.

What a perfect opportunity this weekend to boldly change your ‘Happy Easter’ greeting to ‘He Lives’ or to celebrate your forgiveness and life in Him on social media.  Be bold for Jesus.

These Holy Week articles would be perfect to repost on Facebook or Twitter or to forward through email.  Scatter seeds as the world recognizes Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter.

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  1. Amen Be Bold. I do not say Happy Easter because that is the celebration of the goddess Ishtar in the bible. The fertility goddess. I say Resurrection Celebration! Thank you for the encouragement to be bold

    1. I didn't know that about Ishtar. I used the phrase Happy Resurrection Day which made people think.