Friday, June 5, 2015

A God-incidence

Everything is possible for him who believes. -Jesus
Mark 9:23 (NIV)

Regular readers of Seeds know I’ve been writing about our most reliable source of Truth - Jesus’ teachings. Along this theme, I have a God-incidence to report. (A God-incidence is what I call a ‘coincidence’ that is actually the hand of God.)

At the gym yesterday, my iPod battery was dead so I decided to listen to a sermon on my iPad. I quickly scanned archived sermons by a few pastors I enjoy. With more than 50 to choose from, a series by Andy Stanley grabbed my attention because it focused on Jesus’ commandments. Indeed, it was the perfect next step in my exploration of Truth.

Stanley focuses on the resurrection. It changed everything. All of Christianity exists because of the resurrection. The disciples, who ran for their lives when Jesus was arrested, became bold preachers after witnessing the resurrection.  Even Pharisees who helped convict and crucify Him became believers in Jesus because of the resurrection. In the face of torture and death, Christians for hundreds of years remained committed to Jesus, the Son of God. They believed Jesus was resurrected and received power.

After the resurrection, people recounted His lessons and stories realizing these were the Words of God. Truth.

The earliest church had no text to guide their beliefs - no writings, no Bible, no letters. Eye witnesses didn’t begin writing until 25 years after Jesus died. Jewish believers knew God from the Old Testament, but Gentile believers had never heard any of the Old Testament stories or laws, including the 10 Commandments.

These first Christians only had verbal accounts from Jesus’ companions and other eye witnesses who heard Him speak. And they were hungry to hear Jesus’ words so they could follow.

I’m hungry for a fresh look at Jesus’ teaching. Are you?

Do you think Jesus’ words represent Truth?

Read the Truth series from the beginning here.

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  1. Amen Jesus is the Word, He is the Way Truth and Life I want to do a study on just what He said. Thank you for this.