Thursday, June 11, 2015


Be still and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10

‘Be still’ was the subject of two devotions this morning. As a result of my busy spring, I crave stillness. School is not yet out in the Northeast, but the end is in sight. The string of end-of-the year celebrations is fun, but even I am counting the days left.

I’ve also been lamenting how hard it is to establish and stick to good habits. My schedule easily distracts me from the things I want to do and know are good, like sharing Seeds of Scripture to encourage us all in His Word.

I’m an early morning person – when I’m at my best. If I don’t write Seeds first thing, it doesn’t happen. (Hence the blog’s silence lately) Once I launch into chores or appointments, I only give God snippets of time, sentence prayers, and quick thank you’s, instead of intentionally focusing on Him.

“Be still” God says.

With a slower summer pace I hope to reestablish my mornings sharing His Word with you. Can I encourage you to spend time with God too?

Close your eyes while sitting on the beach or watching swim lessons and turn your attention to God. Tell Him your hopes and dreams. Does a phrase or scripture come to mind?

Linger over your coffee while the rest of the house sleeps. Sit outside, calm your mind, and let the birds and breeze bring you into His presence. Breathe deeply. Be filled with peace.

Get away from city lights to admire the vast twinkling sky. Wonder about God and His greatness. Consider the Creator who knows your name.

Over a quiet dinner or a glass of wine, initiate a conversation about faith. Take your time. Let it go deep.

Be still.

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  1. Amen I did a teaching on this entitled "Rest in Him" I am trying to get into the habit of writing in the morning also. I am a zombie when the afternoon hits. Thanks for this encouragement

  2. I am SO ready for summer quiet time! Thank you for the encouragement!