Monday, April 11, 2016

Love So Deep

I pray that because of the riches of His shining-greatness, He will make you strong with power in your heart through the Holy Spirit. I pray that Christ may live in your heart by faith. I pray that you will be filled with love. I pray that you will be able to understand how wide and how long and how high and how deep His love is. I pray that you will know the love of Christ. His love goes beyond anything we can understand. I pray that you will be filled with God Himself.
Ephesians 3:16-19 (NLV)

Hear today’s Scripture passage as a prayer from me to you. My very soul longs for you to know God’s personal love for you.

God loved all of His people so much that He sent Jesus to die so that we could be in relationship with Him. But know this – if you were the only person on earth, Jesus would have died for you. Yes, YOU!

You can only turn away from such deep love if you don’t believe it.

Perhaps you feel unworthy. There is nothing past, present, or future that can remove God’s love from you (Romans 8:35-39). He won’t ever force you to respond, but politely and persistently offers His friendship (Revelation 3:20). We don’t need to clean up our act before He can love us (Romans 5:7-8). He knows whatever secrets you’re trying to hide and loves you anyway (Psalm 44:21).

So stop resisting…

God’s love for you is beyond comprehension! Do you know your worth as His treasured child? (tweet this)

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  1. I pray this everyday for my friends and family. This pray healed me of my self loathing and doubt. Prayer is powerful. Thank you Cindy