Friday, September 16, 2016

What is the Evidence of Your Faith?

If you are wise and understand God’s ways, prove it by living an honorable life, doing good works with the humility that comes from wisdom.
James 3:13(NLT)

“Prove it” taunt the hands-on-hips schoolgirls when I brag about my full splits on both sides.

“Prove it” think those who know I’m a Christian.

I don’t have to prove my salvation. I most sincerely believe that Jesus is the Son of God who died and was resurrected so I can stand before a Holy God completely forgiven. I’m free to live any way I choose with full assurance that my sins are covered.

However someday we will all have to answer when God asks “Why did you choose a life that you know displeases me? Didn’t you understand my teaching?”

We can’t earn salvation through works, but James calls for proof that we are wise and understand God’s ways.

As Christians we know something about Jesus’ teaching. Even new believers know about His love and sacrifice. If we fully understand what Jesus did on the cross, shouldn’t gratitude for God’s salvation prompt us to want to know and please Him?

The Greek word used for understanding means to have expert knowledge which comes from reading scripture and allowing the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to its meaning. And wisdom is very practical - applying this truth to our lives in light of experience.

So wisdom and knowledge of God’s way means knowing His teachings and their spiritual implications and applying them to our lives. Hence, James says:

Our good works are evidence that we understand God’s way. (tweet this)


God’s love can’t be earned. He loves you no matter what. May His love for you prompt good works.

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