Wednesday, October 19, 2016

When I Get Bossy With God

Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.
Luke 22:42 (NIV)

I often pray for a Christian friend who has devoted her life to serving God. However I see gifts in her that God isn’t utilizing so I tell Him about her amazing abilities. I tell Him to provide an opportunity for her gifts to bless others. I tell God to clearly reveal His direction for her life.

I tell God……

What if God has her exactly where He wants her? I laugh at myself for even thinking “what if”. Her heart is close to Him in prayer and praise, I’m sure God is using her in just the right place. Who am I to presume otherwise? Who am I to tell God He’s doing it wrong?

Do you ever tell God what to do?

Example: Dear God, open Kay’s eyes to see that Jack isn’t the right guy and help Danny get the bank job.

We boss God around without trusting that He’s in control.

Is it wrong to ask for specific outcomes? No, God wants to hear our desires when humbly framed with ‘not my will, but yours be done’. Even Jesus asked God to spare him the suffering but submitted to God’s answer.

Modification: God you know my concerns, please guide Kay and Jack’s relationship. God, Danny needs a job, may he get the bank job if it’s the right fit.

Do I pray this way? No, but I try to be aware when I’m being bossy and include a cover-all prayer like “this is my heart God, but you know what’s best.”

These are my heart’s desires, Lord, but you know what’s best. (tweet this)

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  1. Cathy, I love this post. Yes I have told God what to do. I know say, your will be done. Thanks for sharing.

  2. WOW! So true! AMEN! - Ruth

  3. As always.....a message delivered when I needed to hear it!