Sunday, December 4, 2016

When Re-Gifting is Admired

I will make you into a great nation. I will bless you and make you famous, and you will be a blessing to others.
Genesis 12:2 (NLT)

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights.
James 1:17 (NIV)

What if re-gifting was encouraged and became the norm?

What if we wanted to be caught re-gifting?

What if every gift we opened compelled us to search for a person who needs it, not just the gaudy too-small sweater or the helpful banana peeling gadget, but the beautiful gifts as well?

What if every gift was meant to be re-gifted?

What if we rewrite the last four sentences replacing ‘gift’ with ‘blessing’?

Imagine a world in which blessing others was admired and everyone developed their talents for the benefit of others.

The Giver of all good and perfect gifts blesses us so that we can bless others. The gifts aren’t meant to be kept. Re-gifting is the whole idea.

God’s blessings don’t always arrive ready for re-gifting. Sometimes we need to combine our blessings and repackage them. Instead of giving us a package of cookies, God sometimes gives me flour, sugar and butter and gives you eggs and milk.

God equips us with everything we need to bless others and it is all meant to be shared.

God’s gifts are meant to be re-gifted. (tweet this)

What will you re-gift today?

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