Sunday, March 12, 2017

How to Explain Your Faith

If someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it.
1 Peter 3:15b (NLT)

Be ready to explain yourself. Always.

Biblical hope means being certain about God (my earlier post about hope), so we could say:

If someone asks about your [confidence] as a believer, always be ready to explain it.

How do we explain our faith?

I like to explain by sharing what He’s done for me.

God gave me a love for teaching and writing. But He used my parents to prevent me from pursuing a career in education.  God knew that I didn’t have a gift for kids and would be miserable as a primary school teacher. Twenty years later He led me to a truly filling position teaching the Bible to adults.

During another season, God pummeled me with messages to get rid of my pride and seek help for my depression. He finally used my thriftiness to attract me to a free screening. The diagnosis was no surprise, but God also sent an understanding, persistent angel friend to walk by my side until life looked brighter.

This morning my prayer app prompted prayer for a student who was taking her driving test. I texted her Mom “good luck” and wasn’t surprised to hear she was taking the test at that moment – 7am. God’s timing. Then I had a clear vision that she would fail in order to prevent a horrific accident. No coincidence. She failed.

God is in my life every moment of every day. Ask me why I trust Him tomorrow and you’ll get a different story.  He has guided, held and rescued me and I know He will do it again.

I have confident hope in God because He has done amazing things for me. (tweet this)

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  1. Sometime, you just have to have faith in faith....
    it's not always, there, and sometimes needs to be pursued -
    Michelle Luhrmann

  2. What encouragement this is to me today, so wonderful to hear testimonies of God's intervention in our lives! :)

    1. Thanks Betsy. I love God-incidences - when God intersects our lives. I just led a retreat about remembering His activity so we can thank and praise Him, but so we also build trust that He's in control.