Sunday, October 1, 2017

What I Miss When I Don't Pray

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Father, I am beginning to know how much I miss when I fail to talk to thee in prayer, and through prayer to receive into my life the strength and the guidance which only thou canst give. Forgive me for the pride and the presumption that make me continue to struggle to manage my own affairs to the exhaustion of my body, the weariness of my mind, the trial of my faith.
In a moment like this I know that thou couldst have worked thy good in me with so little strain, with so little effort. And then to thee would have been given the praise and the glory. When I neglect to pray, mine is the loss.
-         From The Prayers of Peter Marshall edited by Catherine Marshall

Oh, how I identify with this prayer.

When I have morning time with God I am at my best - centered, filled, energetic, encouraged, strengthened and focused. Why, then, do I struggle making it a habit?

Paraphrasing the Apostle Paul: Why do I keep doing the things I know I shouldn’t and don’t do the things I know I should?

For my spiritual formation class, I must spend 45 minutes daily in scripture reading, prayer, reflection and journaling. Studying scripture for another class doesn’t count. This is dedicated time for God’s Word to shape me, to form my spirit.

It reminds me of other life changing classes when I consistently drew near to God. I felt God’s presence and knew I walked in His will. But the devotions were always assignments. Can you tell I’m a ruler follower?

My daily scripture and prayer time centers and fills me. Why do I struggle with consistency? (tweet this)

Do you struggle to find daily time with God?
Help! What draws you into His presence?

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  1. That prayer by Peter Marshall is beautiful, Cathy. Lately I've felt convicted by my own prayerlessness. :) Thinking it must be I'm relying on my own strength. I do want to grow more. My quiet time is my lifeline, but the real struggle for me is staying in touch with God throughout the day!

    1. It is beautiful, isn't it? I do much better with an assignment or a deadline. Quiet time often gets pushed to the side as optional even though it is my lifeline too. This semester it's required and I am loving it! Why, oh why, can't it be a forever habit? Help me God!
      Yes, staying in touch with God during the day is hard. Being in the present, seeing things through His eyes, always grateful, always lifting people and situations to Him. If only we didn't need to accomplish anything.....