Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Be Prepared....How?

Therefore, keep alert, because you don’t know the day or the hour.
Matthew 25:13 (CEB)

My devotional book has me pondering what being ready for Jesus’ second coming looks like.

Today’s verse summarizes Jesus’ lesson from the parable about ten bridesmaids who are awaiting the groom’s arrival. Five have planned ahead and brought spare fuel for their lamps while the others have not. The groom is late so they become drowsy and fall asleep. At midnight they awaken. “He’s coming! Let’s go!” But the unprepared bridesmaids’ lamps are empty. While they’re off buying more oil, the groom enters the wedding and closes the door. No one else may enter.

My study notes suggest that oil represents faithful living - applying Jesus’ teachings to life. I believe the oil is the result of faithful living, the fullness that floods our soul when we walk closely with Him.

The five wise gals were ‘on fire’ for Jesus. Their Spirit filled lives had enough in reserve to complete the task. The other gals’ lamps were burning at first, but they hadn’t considered how much would be required to wait for the groom. The wise bridesmaids offered advice to the unprepared, but couldn’t fix their problem. The groom had arrived.

I have unanswered questions. Why did the wise bridesmaids say they didn’t have enough oil to share? Why can no one enter after the door closes? And,

How can we be better prepared for whatever is required?

Jesus pairs the bridesmaid story with one about a master and his servants-in-charge. The master is pleased with the servants who are fulfilling their responsibilities. Those who are mistreating others and entertaining themselves are punished for eternity (Matt 24:45-51).

We can’t predict Jesus’ return, but we should expect it. (tweet this)

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