Monday, May 21, 2018

Privilege or Responsibility?

The covenant-call to be God’s people, far from being primarily an invitation to special privilege, is first of all a summons to special responsibility. God calls a people to live in response to the needs of others, to live in right relationship with God, to bring justice and mercy to the land, and to lead the way toward peace and freedom. The covenant binds [God’s people] to trust in God alone, not putting confidence in false prophets or false securities.
-From Seeking God’s Peace in a Nuclear Age: A Call to Disciples of Christ

God promises life to those who believe in Jesus.  We are set apart but not with special privilege. Instead, we become servants because God’s people live in response to the needs of others.

Rather than privilege, we have a special responsibility to express God’s radical justice and mercy through our lives. Jesus shows particular concern for the poor, the social outcasts, the ill, the mentally ill and for those without a support network. His mercy even extends to those who have committed the worst kind of evil. In contrast to our idea of fairness, both long time believers and late-in-life believers receive the same reward.

God’s justice and mercy is radically different from ours. (tweet this)

In addition, God’s people trust God above all else. Our confidence is not in our career, bank balance, social standing, family, or health. None of these is secure. Only God is truly reliable. We trust Him to provide our needs as we follow His guidance (at least it’s our goal to trust Him that well).

How can you show God’s justice and mercy in your circles of influence?
Could you expand your circles?
When have you trusted God to provide instead of relying on yourself?

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