Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Be More Human

Then God said, “Let us make human beings inour image, to be like us.
Genesis 1:26 (NLT)

What does it mean to be more human?

I’ve recently been immersed in Crossfit (see Facebook Cathy Alger Chung for details). It’s a wonderfully friendly and supportive community ranging from elite athletes to people trying to live healthier. For the most part, each member of the community wants every other member to do their best, no matter what level they’re at. 

The serious athletes work extremely hard and shape their lives around achieving their highest potential. But ordinary people also succeed in improving their lives by losing weight, becoming more mobile, reducing pain, beating diabetes, and gaining confidence. 

Reebok’s promotion implies that being healthy makes us more human and, indeed, physical health is an important aspect of being our best. However, God created humans to reflect His image. So our personal best as humans must look a lot like Jesus, the human form of God.

Being more human means being more like Jesus. And Jesus was a servant.

We can describe Jesus as compassionate, loving, just, humble and forgiving, but at His core, Jesus was a servant. He set aside His divinity in order to limit Himself inside a human body - from unlimited, all-powerful to an oppressed, poor son of a carpenter. He lived with one ultimate purpose - to willingly carry other people’s sins to an excruciating death.

Jesus was the ultimate servant, giving His life in exchange for your life and mine. Being more human means loving others as much Jesus does.

How can we be as dedicated as Crossfit athletes in improving our abilities, stretching our limits, and focusing our minds on loving others as much as Jesus does?
How can we encourage and assist each other in being the best possible servants?
How can we better shape our lives with the primary purpose of loving and serving?

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